Company Profile

Neokom Co., Ltd. specializes in providing legal compliance consulting services for the food, health food, cosmetics and medical equipment industries.  Neokom is committed to providing timely, comprehensive, professional and regulatory services to its clients by leveraging its rich resource and technical capabilities in China, Taiwan and Japan.


Neokom’s employees and collaborating partners all come from professional backgrounds in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical equipment and related industries. Our core team members have nearly 20 years of relevant industry or government agency service qualifications, and we have all the relevant professional skills and legal services capabilities and knowledge to provide you with expert, comprehensive information consulting services. Whether you are planning to introduce products to the Taiwan market or export products to China or Japan, we can provide you with the full range of consulting services you require.


We have a wealth of service experience, and your trust and reliance are the driving force for our continued advancement. We have a passion for health and safety, and we are dedicated to providing you with professional, accurate and efficient consulting and related services in the food, health food, cosmetics and medical equipment fields.